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Our attention has been drawn to the news items that have appeared in the past few weeks speculating about a change in BitTorrent’s business model.

We wish to reiterate that BitTorrent has no plans to change what we do or charge for the services we provide. We have no plans to enable mining of cryptocurrency now or in the future.

BitTorrent has been a pioneer of peer-to-peer file sharing and we believe our vision of democratizing the Web by enabling decentralized, resilient access to information remains as relevant as it was when we started.

We reiterate that we are committed to our hundreds of million users worldwide and will continue to invest and innovate in the BitTorrent and uTorrent products.

The net neutrality repeal goes into effect today, however the fight is not over.  Using the Congressional Review Act (CRA), elected officials in Congress can overrule the FCC repeal.  As net neutrality principles show strong support among Republicans, Democrats and Independents, there is a reasonable chance this can still happen.  And because midterm elections are just around the corner, it’s a perfect time for voters to express their opinion and influence lawmakers to sign the discharge petition in support of the CRA.

If you believe in net neutrality, please channel your energy into calls and emails to Congress, which you can do here:

Ever wanted to see what is under the hood of BitTorrent?  Ever wanted to be the first in line to make your voice heard to help make our products better?  Today we are introducing a Beta Tester Program, and you are invited.

The program allows our users to test new features, provide feedback on new ideas, and see products that haven’t been released to the public yet.  If you are interested in learning more or want to participate, please click here to get started.

BitTorrent has always been a staunch supporter of net neutrality.  If you are not familiar with the principle, it’s an idea that internet service providers should not discriminate based on user, content, website, application, IP address, device, protocol, and so on.  As an example, ISPs shouldn’t be able to intentionally block a Web site.  Or, they shouldn’t be able to restrict access to a software application.

Keeping the internet free and open ensures ISPs cannot dictate which products or services you consume.  It ensures corporate entities cannot censor the internet.  Think about all the organizations that create innovative products and services to garner your attention.  If ISPs have the ability to control the ecosystem, it could kill innovation and unfairly limit the mix of products, services and information available to us.

In April of 2017, the FCC announced plans to roll back net neutrality.  This was followed through upon with the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which was approved by the FCC in December of 2017.  It comes into effect on June 11, 2018.  Starting that day, net neutrality ends.

In anticipation of the rollback going into effect, BitTorrent and others supported efforts to raise awareness and urged millions to raise their voice and contact their Congress members.  Today, the Senate heard those voices and voted to block the FCC’s repeal.  It’s a short-term win, but now the House of Representatives needs to weigh in and do the same.

We will continue our efforts, and we encourage all who believe in net neutrality to contact your House members now to make your voice heard.  You can make a difference!

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Announcing Altruistic Mode

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