We are proud to announce that customers can pay for BitTorrent Pro and Ads Free with TRX, BNB, or BTC. With the help of CoinPayments.net, a leading integrated payment gateway provider for cryptocurrencies, BitTorrent introduces decentralized currencies into one of the world’s largest decentralized applications. Here’s a short tutorial on how to purchase:

Step 1.

Click the Buy Now link on the BitTorrent.com or uTorrent.com Website.

Step 2.

Enter your name and your email address. Agree to the terms and click ‘Place Order’.

Step 3.

Click to select your currency (TRX, BNB or BTC), then click ‘Complete Checkout’.

Step 4.

Take note of both the amount and the public key, then navigate to your wallet.

Step 5.

From your wallet, paste both the amount and the public key, then click ‘Send’.

Step 6.

Click ‘Confirm’ to send the TRX.

Step 7.

Wait for the transaction to clear, then look for the email from
BitTorrent with your product key.

Step 8.

Open uTorrent, then enter your product key found in the email.

Step 9.

Your Pro license will now activate. You’re done!

A few months after the successful release of µTorrent Web, which quickly grew to over 1,000,000 daily active users, we are pleased to announce that BitTorrent Web is now available to download at bittorrent.com.

Available for Windows in over a dozen languages, BitTorrent Web helps you download and play both torrent files and magnet links while they download, all within your browser window, meaning you no longer need to leave to search folders or look for other apps to play files.

BitTorrent Web allows you to download any file type to store locally in the folder of your choice. If you are still a fan of BitTorrent Classic, rest assured that it’s still available to download and our long-term plan is to continue development across both products and make them available on bittorrent.com.

BitTorrent has always been a strong advocate of open internet values. We believe in an internet that is free of restrictions, censorship, and supports free speech. Today we donated $10,000 to Donatefornetneutrality.com, which will help efforts to mobilize the community to contact their Congress members who have the power to protect net neutrality.

We urge our community to visit donatefornetneutrality.com to learn what’s at stake, see how you can get involved, and donate. Together we can further the cause for a free and open internet!

We are proud to announce that µTorrent Web surpassed 1,000,000 daily active  users. Having officially launched our Web-based torrent streaming client  last month, we saw a sharp increase in adoption of µTorrent Web in the  late stages of the beta through the full release. µTorrent Web helps  users quickly download and play torrent files, including the vast  selection of licensed content available on BitTorrent Now. It’s  available for Windows across all major browsers and makes it possible to  quickly download and play torrent files inside the browser, further  strengthening our licensed content strategy by bringing simple playback  to the masses.

“Our users have already downloaded our licensed content, which features  both top-tier and emerging content creators, well over 100 million  times,” said Jordy Berson, Chief Product Officer and COO at BitTorrent. “While  the growth in our daily active users is a great validation of product  market fit, we are equally proud to see that µTorrent Web drives  dramatically more user engagement and playback than any product in  BitTorrent’s history, which is a huge win for our 30,000+ licensed  content creators.”

We continue to work hard over the remaining months of 2018 to end the  year with new features, including the ability to  stream files that are stored on the user’s home computer to an Android  device. Plans to launch BitTorrent Web, a similar product, are also in  the works and will soon be available on bittorrent.com.

We are happy to unveil more details about Project Atlas which will pave the future of content distribution and connect the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network and its 100 million monthly active users to the TRON blockchain network. Using a set of BitTorrent protocol extensions, a custom token, and an in-client token economy to address existing limitations, we…

µTorrent Web is a Web-based torrent client for Windows that meets the streaming demands of today’s users. Available for Windows across all major browsers, µTorrent Web makes it possible to quickly download and play torrent files inside the browser.  When we first started the project, our vision was to build a torrent client with simplicity…

As the pioneer of the most popular decentralized p2p communications protocol, BitTorrent is proud to have been elected as a Super Representative by the TRON community.  We acknowledge that a decentralized internet needs a foundation where DApp development can flourish on the TRON platform.  As a Super Representative elected by the TRON community, our role…

The collaboration between BitTorrent and TRON is sure to contribute to an internet that is better and brighter. We are proud to become a candidate for the TRON Super Representative. BitTorrent hopes to share in a great revolution — to make the internet more democratic, free and decentralized, which we know is at the very heart of…

We are excited to announce that TRON has officially closed its acquisition of BitTorrent. BitTorrent has more than 100 million active users worldwide, and has one of the top-rated apps on Google Play and other products, including BitTorrent Play (iOS), uTorrent Web, and desktop clients for PC and Mac. BitTorrent will continue operating from TRON’s…